What Every Bridesmaid Should Know

Charlotte Bridesmaid dressesThere’s much more to being a bridesmaid than standing at the Alter. With being a bridesmaid comes responsibility and duties, and it is important that you know your role to ensure you support the bride and help make her wedding day dreams come true.

What Every Bridesmaid Should Know


Normally, the bride will choose a day that is convenient for all the bridesmaids to shop. Be sure you set the date aside and even if you have an off day, make it one of spirit.


It is important you know what the bride expects when it comes to hairstyle. Many brides choose to have the bridesmaid in uniform style. Always practice your hairstyle well in advance.


Shoes are an important accessory to your dress, and you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to shop for shoes that are appropriate and comfortable. The shoes are an accessory that the bride may or may not want uniform. Either way, you can schedule a day with the bride and other bridesmaids to shop for shoes and enjoy a nice lunch, shopping for and celebrating the big event.

Your Role

The role of a bridesmaid is to lessen the stress of the bride. Aside from asking the bride what help she needs, help her not worry in any way you can. Get to know the vendors, have a schedule of events, know the members of the family, and so on. You’ll find that throughout the wedding day, there will be numerous questions asked from different sources, and being able to help when they arise, will help the bride. Also, if there is a flower girl in the wedding, play the role of the “big” sister. Be her support when at the Alter, at the reception, and so on. Little ones often have a tendency to have a hard time standing still for any length of time, just as they do sitting. Knowing she has a big sister with her will help her to ease her fears, and to relax.


Get the details- where you need to be and what time, the church procession / line up and so on.

Being a bridesmaid is a special honor, and one that creates a tremendous amount of memories shared. The bride will have expectations for her big day. One way to ensure you are aware of what she expects from you as a bridesmaid, is to ask her out for coffee to discuss your role.