Selecting a Tuxedo

wedding tuxedoLong gone are the days when tuxedos were only available in one style. Today, there are an array of styles in traditional and trendy tuxedos, allowing grooms to express themselves more than ever before. Whether you are a traditional groom or a trendy groom, follow the guide below to help assist you when selecting a tuxedo.

Selecting a Tuxedo

1. Consider the style of your wedding and the bride’s gown and focus on a look that is appropriate for the setting. Consider colors and accessories, like a colored cummerbund and handkerchief and cuff links which not only polish your look, but express your personality. Also, consider the best style for your body type. Talk to the associate at the formal attire shop for suggestions. For example, short men look best in an in a single button jacket.

2. If going for a trendy look choose a four to six button jacket that covers most of your vest. Instead of a black tie, consider a decorative button cover. A wild pattern vest is also a trendy touch. For a really trendy look, add baggy pants.

3. For a traditional look, select a double or single-breasted black tuxedo jacket with a peak or notch lapel. Consider a vest in a lighter color, and a cummerbund that is white. Include side stripe pants and a black bow tie.

4. Choose a peak or notch lapel tuxedo coat and pair it with a high buttoned coat or bright patterned vest and traditional pants. Both can be quite sharp.

5. When you shop tuxedo rentals, try on several tuxedos, and have someone with you that will be honest with how it looks on you, and whose opinion you trust. You’ll also need to try on the shoes that are intended to go with the tuxedo. When you have the tuxedo on, hold your arms straight down. Your fingertips should be even with the bottom of the jacket. When your arms are resting at your side, one inch of the shirt cuff should be showing. Do not just stand in the mirror to determine how well the tuxedo looks and feels on you, also walk around to be sure the attire is comfortable and you move freely.

Tuxedos can be altered if needed. The staff at attire shops are trained in fit, and will help you determine which is the best style and fit for your body shape.